Sam Carter

name Sam has had experience with dogs for the last 29 years, and has vast experience with many breeds of dog.
Large small or medium, all dogs have their own personality but in my experience they all have one thing in common, they all want to please their owners.

Sam has worked with all types of dogs all different breeds, but has a soft spot for the Bull Terrier and Alsatian dogs.

Easy Ways To Stop Dog Obsessive And Fixated Behaviors

22nd January 2010
Dogs develop fixations for many reasons, often as a result of a lack of exercise, or maybe he becomes obsessed with chasing a ball because he never gets a walk. One of first steps to helping a dog overcome an obsession is to increase his exercise. Obsessi... Read >


22nd January 2010
Symptoms to look for in a nervous dog. Trembling, constantly licking his lips, have his tail low between his legs and his ears flat to his head, looking away, yawning excessively, backing away and trying to hide from you. Chewing or other destructive beha... Read >

Five Benefits of Using Kong Dog Toys

22nd January 2010
Possibly the best-known dog toys in the world are the Kong dog toys. The classic design of the Kong toy is shaped a bit like three fat rubber rings stuck together, one on top of another. The toys also come in several variations for dogs of different ages ... Read >

5 Steps to Perfect Dog Recall

22nd January 2010
Are you fed up with your dog ignoring you when you call him? Does he focus on everything around him but you? It can be very frustrating when you are in a dog park or in a public place and need your dog to come back to you, and you end up running after... Read >


22nd January 2010
Your beloved dog is a part of your family and should have his own place in your pack. As the pack leader, you should give him due care and attention as you do any other member of your pack / family. Owning a pet is your choice and as a responsible owner, ... Read >